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Argyle House

Argyle House

Monitoring environment and occupancy in meeting rooms

The pilot is starting in February 2017, and deploys sensors and wireless devices to enable environmental and space occupancy monitoring. None of these sensors will capture any personal data.

The pilot will allow us to build and demonstrate our capability with IoT infrastructure, as well as giving us an understanding of how the environment in Argyle House performs. One of the outcomes of the pilot will be evidence to help underpin future choices in provisioning meeting room facilities.

Meeting Room Occupancy

We will attach a small sensor (an Estimote beacon) to each chair and the entrance door in eight meeting rooms to measure temperature, light level and movement. This will give us a view of occupancy levels for each meeting room. The sensors will communicate via Bluetooth to a small sensor hub in the room, which will then send data using LoRa radio to a dedicated LoRa gateway receiver. There will be a notice posted in each meeting room where the sensors are deployed.

Environmental monitoring

In addition to the occupancy monitoring, on two floors we will place wireless LoRa devices with sensors for heat, atmospheric pressure, and humidity, one of which will also include a particulate sensor.