Informatics IoT Research Programme

Within the School of Informatics, we have established an IoT Research Programme to coordinate relevant activities. The Programme is led by Paul Patras and Rik Sarkar.

Name Research Interest
David Aspinall Software security and privacy of IoT and mobile devices, including secure design, implementation and testing. Techniques of interest range from formal methods and program analysis to machine learning and user studies.
Bjoern Franke Compilers and code optimisation e.g. reducing code size, full-system/device simulation, detection of parallelisation opportunities, e.g. for offloading of computation to the cloud.
Ewan Klein Sensor semantics, smart city applications, living lab methods for IoT deployment, ethical frameworks for IoT.
Hugh Leather Optimising mobile systems and IoT for performance and energy via machine learning and particularly deep learning.
Mahesh K. Marina Cellular IoT, IoT over 5G via network slicing, NB-IoT, IoT security, privacy-preserving IoT analytics, mobile edge computing for IoT.
Michael O’Boyle
Paul Patras IoT security and privacy, network architectures, and performance optimisation.
Rik Sarkar Developing distributed data mining algorithms to discover patterns and make sense of aggregate data over larger number of IoT devices. These analytic techniques are efficient and privacy preserving, and designed for networked systems.
Kami Vaniea User control and awareness around how IoT devices connect with the outside world and with each other. Work in collaboration with Design Informatics.
Maria Wolters