Workshop on the Ethics of IoT (6 February 2019)

Date: Wednesday 6th February 2019
Time: 12:00–17:30
Location: Lister Learning and Teaching Centre, Room 1.16

The Governance and Ethics Action Group invites University staff and students to take part in shaping the process of conducting ethical and responsible research and innovation with emerging technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. We want to move away from the vague and unbounded uses of “responsibility” and “ethics” and find ways to effectively enact ethical principles in research and design practice.

This half-day workshop will be facilitated by the Action Group, which will propose different scenarios involving the use of the IoT service. The aim is to co-design a guideline for the ethical use of the infrastructure upon reflection and deliberation on the challenges researchers and society face. Everyone’s input is welcome and desired; we encourage participants from industry, students, academics, designers, ethics experts, engineers, and makers.


13:00Introduction to IoT
Ewan KleinThe UoE IoT Initiative
James Stewart and Charles RaabGovernance and Ethics Action Group
Richard KenwayData-driven Innovation
13:30Jonathan Silvertown, Simon Chapple and Ewan KleinProject overviews: ParkLife, Library Occupancy, IoT Challenge Hackathon
14:15Small group discussions
15:15Tea break
15:30Small group discussions
16:30Report back plus feedback from Ethics Boards

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