Team Flow invited to the Pycom Hackathon

Edinburgh students visit Eindhoven

As a prize for their winning contribution to the Edinburgh IoT Challenge, Team Flow — a multidisciplinary student team from the University of Edinburgh — has been invited to attend the Pycom Hackathon, Eindhoven, Saturday 17th June 2017.

Team Flow consists of four students from different degrees and schools:

  • Ondrej Bohdal (Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics, 3rd year undergraduate)
  • Wojciech Jakub Nawrocki (Physics and Computer Science, 2nd year undergraduate)
  • Yining Zhou (Electronics and Electrical Engineering, 3rd year undergraduate)
  • Catherine Chi Wang (MSc in Design and Digital Media)

The Edinburgh IoT Challenge, which took place during the 2017 Festival of Creative Learning, was organised by David Richardson, Simon Chapple and Ewan Klein as part of the broader University IoT initiative, and was sponsored by a number of organisations including Pycom. Team Flow developed an IoT-based system for route-detection to improve commuter safety by informing car drivers about the presence of cyclists and pedestrians. In addition to sponsoring their trip to Eindhoven, Pycom will also give the students an exclusive tour of their offices.

During the Pycom Hackathon, teams will have the opportunity to develop their innovative solutions using Pycom devices to address an interesting challenge announced on the day of the event.

Pycom bulds a wide range of products for IoT, most notably integrated communication technologies (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Sigfox, LTE-M) on a small, low-cost boards.

We look forward to seeing what our team can create at the Pycom Hackathon. Good luck, Team Flow!

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