Edinburgh IoT Initiative – iot.ed.ac.uk

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a cluster of technologies spanning hardware devices, networking, data collection and data applications. It allows any ‘thing’ to be connected to the internet. This means that we give things a name, a job to do, and a voice. A name is some kind of unique identifier; a job will typically involve some kind of sensing of — or acting upon — the environment; a voice is a means of communicating. As an example, we could add a heat sensor to a chair so that it can report whether someone is sitting on it. If all the chairs in a given room were able to communicate this information, we could get a real-time picture of how full the room was.

In an initiative spearheaded by Information Services, the University is setting up a pilot IoT network using LoRaWAN technology. The network will be made available as a shared infrastructure for R&D by a wide range of partners, as well as supporting teaching and learning opportunities within the University.